Sewer Repair and Installation

Prevent Costly Damage

Get Reliable Sewer Line Repair Services in El Cajon, CA

Are you experiencing issues with your sewer line? Whether you have slow drains in your home or noticed significant pooling in your yard, Method Plumbing can help!

A broken sewer line can cause damage to your home or result in a hefty repair bill. Trust our plumbers to provide quality and efficient results. We have over a decade of experience offering sewer installation and repair services in El Cajon, CA.

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We Offer 10% OFF For Seniors

Need new sewer line installation or repair services? We’re the ones to call!

Choose an Experienced Sewer Installation Company

We’re the company to call if you’re dealing with a damaged sewer line or need to install one. We use a high-quality camera to inspect your sewer lines and locate any damaged areas.

Our experts can also dig up the ground around your property to make sure we find all of the damaged areas or blockages. Once we’ve located the problem, we’ll repair or replace your sewer line in no time at all.

You should reach out to us for sewer repair services if you notice:

  • Rodents or insects making their home in your yard
  • Inconsistent water levels in your toilet
  • A spike in your water bill

Schedule Your Residential Sewer Line Repair

When dealing with a sewer issue, it smells terrible, and it can be hazardous to your family’s health. Don’t postpone your comfort!

We specialize in ensuring that your sewer lines are working correctly and efficiently in El Cajon, CA. We do everything from sewer pipe installation to trenchless sewer line repair!